Our Mission is to go above and beyond



Business Analysis

CLARIFI Technology has the best professional requirements (business, functional and technical) team available.  We recognize that a complete and accurate requirements elaboration is foundational to the success of any project and that requirements management, requirements definition and requirements engineering practices are the cornerstones of project success proven to save time and money by helping you:

  • Reduce rework and accelerate time to IOC and FOC by collaborating with your stakeholders
  • Increase productivity by controlling and managing changes to requirements
  • Minimize cost and risk by measuring the impact of changes as they occur
  • Demonstrate compliance by ensuring full traceability of requirements

Business Process Reengineering

CLARIFI Technology starts with a high-level assessment of the organization's vision, purpose, and strategy.  Basic questions are asked, such as "Does our vision and purpose need to be redefined?”, “Are our strategic goals aligned with our vision and purpose?”.  

Business Process Consulting & Innovation Engineering

CLARIFI Technology challenges today’s commonly accepted business process methods by utilizing Innovation Engineering to effectively and efficiently optimize resources and processes to create new business models and processes. Analysis of core business design and processes against new technologies and methodologies can identify previously unseen opportunities to optimize existing and future technology investments by leveraging the best ideas from inside the organization with outside innovation to add value to the bottom line.

Program and Project Management

CLARIFI Technology has a proven track record in the facilitation of multiple project cross utilization planning and tracking of people, resources, and scheduling of large complex programs and is very effective in the facilitation of planning, tracking, and reporting of project components, stakeholders and resources.